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Dear Traveler!

Start Your Knight Training TodayKnights exist today, and they may not be who you would think. People tend to see knights as manly men from the Middle Ages who lived to fight dragons, win glorious wars and save damsels in distress, but that’s merely a refined, romantic fantasy.

The fact is, knights were both men and women and today haven’t gone away. “Knight” is a title reserved for those who are steadfast and determined to better themselves, helping make the world a better place to live, and Knights Tavern aims to be a base to keep these modern-day knights inspired, motivated and connected.

In addition to our many inspirational and motivational resources, our site promotes active personal development through a 12-month plan for setting personal goals and achieving them – we call it the Knight Training Program.

The Knight Training Program is our ultimate benefit, a detailed strategy that works for those who truly want it to. Be advised though: our plan isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires people to work constantly toward a better self to bring real, valuable, positive change into their lives.

So are you knight enough to join us here at the Tavern? Do you have what it takes to find your life goals with us and achieve them with our help? We won’t do it for you, but we know you can do it through us. It’s all about proper setting, planning, motivation, accountability and we give you all of that.

If you’re one of the few who can stick with something and talk others into sticking to it too, we look forward to having you join us at Knights Tavern and begin the quest to improvement together.

The time has come. Welcome Home!

The Members Area and Knight Training Program are currently being updated/improved and thus, are closed to new members. Thank you for your patience and interest!

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